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We Have a New ATA Director

May 22, 2018

Below is a photo of the new director of Africans Teaching Africans, Jeff Borden (on the far left) with his family. Jeff has many years of service as a missionary in Zimbabwe and South Africa. He also has many years of experience working with an organization doing work similar to the work he will be doing with ATA. We welcome Jeff to our ATA family.

God continues to bless CTC with new leaders. As I was preparing to send this newsletter to our editor, we received commitment from a man who has agreed to become the director of ITI. I will report more details about our new ITI director in our next newsletter.

The addition of these two men is an answer to years of prayer. Over the last three years ATA/ITI has grown too big for one person to do all that is needed to properly guide. Now we hope to see some neglected areas of the ministry properly served. God’s timing is perfect and we thank Him.    

Christians Teaching Christians is fully operational and able to receive donations by mail and also by automatic bank draft. Please contact us if you need any help. Our treasurer assures me that he will promptly send receipts for your tax deductions and records.

The appointment of an new directors does not mean that we are retiring. Bob is still the director of CTC with duties both in Africa and The USA. Bob will still be very active in helping our ministry improve and grow even when a new director for CTC is found. His hope is that God will take him home while he is working in Africa.

Vehicles, in Africa, are often a little worn out but our leaders still use them to travel to many remote places over very poor roads. One of these vehicles is pictured below. We’re grateful we didn’t have to use this for our long trips!  

A week ago Brenda, our African daughter, was taking a walk and she heard a cough coming from a deep drainage ditch near our home. Investigating it she discovered a baby boy in the ditch where he had been abandoned. The baby has been turned over to the social services department.

Here we have a photo of Moses Womleh, our Liberian coordinator with a baby girl he was given at a village church he was visiting. The little girl was abandoned and the villagers were unable to care for the baby. Moses and his wife, named Comfort, love children and they took the baby home. Sadly the baby has died, probably from malaria. Please pray for Moses and Comfort as they have very tender hearts and they are very sad.


These two abandoned babies are an all too common occurrence in Africa and one of the reasons that we pray for Jesus to quickly be known all over Africa.

MaryLee and I have just returned from a 4 ½ week 4,500 mile journey visiting supporters. As we drove, we were impressed with the beauty of America. We enjoyed visiting many supporters.  

Please continue to pray for us and our ministry.We need additional funding for the continued growth of CTC. Pray for our health. Pray for God’s guidance as we head into new fields with these new directors. Pray for safety of our coordinators and teachers. India is a very dangerous place for Christians, especially for Christian leaders. Africa is dangerous for most people and especially for those serving as our coordinators and teachers. 



CTC is a unique method to teach the Bible to Christians. We recruit indigenous Bible college graduates to teach our curriculum. For more information, visit our website at 



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