Africans Teaching Africans
               Africans Teaching Africans Bible Training

    2Tim 2:2  “and what you have heard from me in the
    presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men
           Currently there are many thousands of men and
    women in Africa who are serving as pastors with little
    or no Bible training.  These sincere pastors need
    training to be able to teach and preach faithfully from
    the Bible. We recognize that these pastors will
    continue to serve even if they are never trained.  The
    purpose of Africans Teaching Africans is to train these
    pastors where they live, regardless of any money or
    education they lack. ATA is mostly concerned with
    teaching pastors and church leaders who are
    unqualified and unable to go to Bible College.

           Additionally, there is a great hunger all over Africa
    for learning the Bible.  Africans Teaching Africans is not
    just for pastors; it is also for any person desiring to
    learn God’s Word. It is currently being taught to many
    members of churches, in prisons, and in Scripture
    Unions in secondary schools. Africans Teaching
    Africans is a non-denominational effort. We are
    Christians of all denominations working together for
    God’s glory.

           There are many graduates from various Bible
    schools scattered throughout Africa.  Our plan is to
    help these graduates enthusiastically enlarge their
    ministries by sharing their Bible knowledge with other
    Christians. This will benefit God’s kingdom by seeing
    these untrained pastors cease to teach their erroneous
    opinions and begin teaching the truths of the Bible.  

           We provide teaching notes to help teachers
    organize their classes. We have no money to pay our
    teachers. Their payment will come from God. The
    ministry doesn’t need money because we suggest that
    teachers only teach part time and continue to do their
    regular work. Also they teach only part of a day so
    people don’t have to be fed; teachers should teach
    where they live so that there is no need for
    transportation money.

            Take your current ministry and expand it. Continue
    your current ministry and teach pastors as a part time
    ministry. Our goal is to replace ignorant teaching with
    Bible teaching. Think of the implications for the
    kingdom.  You can be a part of this exciting vision.
            We are not starting Bible colleges; we are starting
    teaching points all over Africa.  Completion of the
    program qualifies those formally enrolled to receive a
    certificate. The certificate will be issued when a person
    can successfully prepare and deliver a Bible sermon.
    Certificates of attendance are awarded to those who
    are not pastors who complete studying the
           It is important that all preachers and Bible teachers
    only teach what is in the Bible. It is equally important
    that Christians only believe what the Bible says about
    God and that they quit believing “what the man of God”
    says about God unless the “man of God” can support
    his words from the Bible.
Our Vision and Mission