Timetable Of Plan To Teach Pastors 27/03/14

Teaching notes for all subjects are available. These are only to help you if you
want to use them. You, the teacher must decide what to use and what not to use.

First section. Two weeks to teach Introduction to Africans Teaching Africans.

Second section.--Old Testament Survey –32 weeks. Be flexible and take a
few extra weeks if needed, but keep moving toward finishing the teaching as
soon as you can. The idea is to just teach the big picture to your class. Teaching
notes are available.
   Genesis                                                 three weeks
   Exodus                                                   three weeks
   Leviticus, Numbers, & Deuteronomy  three weeks
   Joshua-Judges-Ruth                            three weeks
   1 & 2 Samuel                                        three weeks
   Kings-Chronicles                                  four weeks
   Ezra-Esther                                           three weeks
   Job-Song of Solomon                          four weeks
   Introduction to prophets, major and minor Prophets       six weeks

Third section. New Testament Survey—31 weeks; a possible plan is:
Gospels six weeks—explain synoptic gospels and concentrate on one or two
   Acts                                                        three weeks
   Romans                                                 four weeks
   Paul’s other letters                               seven weeks
   Hebrews                                                three weeks
   James, Peter’s letters, John’s letters and Jude         five weeks
   Revelation                                              two weeks.
   Review of Bible                                     one week

Forth section.  Church Doctrine               six weeks

Fifth section.  Bible interpretation and sermon preparation     six weeks

Sixth section.  Practice preparing sermons and delivering them. This will
require the class to demonstrate that they can faithfully preach and teach God’s
Word. The time needed for this section will depend on how many students the
class has. The final exam is for each preaching student to deliver a sermon that
is true to the Bible. Each student who preaches a true Bible sermon is eligible to
receive a certificate.

Seventh section. This timetable calls for 77 weeks of classroom teaching
and as, much time as necessary to preach a Bible sermon. All timetables are
suggestions and you can add a few weeks to each section if you need to. It is
expected to take about 18 months to complete the training. Periodic breaks can
be taken. The time of the program is designed to be flexible and can be
changed as needed. We do insist that the above curriculum be taught.
Entrusting God’s Word to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.
Training Program Outline
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