Founders--Bob and MaryLee Bolitho

God called them to Uganda in 2008.
In 2010 God directed them to start Africans Teaching Africans
and in 2014 Indians Teaching Indians was started. The popularity of this teaching
program rapidly expanded to many other countries and it became prudent
rename the ministry to Christians Teaching Christians in order to include every
Abraham graduated from Westminster Theological
College and Seminary in Uganda in 2011.  He graduated
with his master’s degree from MINTS in 2014.
Currently, he is working as the full time Kenyan Field
Director for Africans Teaching Africans Bible Training
Program. He is very much interested in equipping pastors
and church leaders for gospel transformation in Africa
through ATA.

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Who is the Coordinator for
ATA in Uganda? Joshua a graduate
of Westminster Theological College,
and currently working on his
Master’s Degree in Bible and Theology.
His passion is to see Christian leaders
in African trained to faithfully preach
from the Bible.

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Moses George is a graduate of Bible & Theology.
Moses  George believes that Christians all over the world
the word of God as contained in the Bible.
He believes that church  leaders must  teach their
audience only from the Bible, and not from anywhere
Presently, Moses George is the Director of ATA in
Rev Moses Womleh
Presently senior student of the World Wide Evangelical
seminary an online studies Canada 2010-2015
5 semesters at Gbarnga school of theology in Monrovia
A ordained minister by the Evangelical Free Church
Leaders from America in 2006.
I have a passion to serve as a coordinator for ATA in
Liberia. Let every pastors, evangelists youth be
connected with the word of God so that their ministries
will expand. Let the teachings come directly from Bible.
Liberia is a post war Con try where transformation is

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Denis Ipimilo is our coordinator for Tanzania. He began
his studies in 2012. Then graduated with a Bachelor of
Arts in Theology in 2014 from MINTS International
Seminary. Right now He is taking his MA in Theology
from MINTS Seminary.
At this moment he is a pastor of Africa Inland Church
Tanzania leading a small local church on the shores of
Lake Victoria 100 kms from Mwanza, Tanzania. Also he is
leading Africans teaching Africa (ATA) in Tanzania.  He is
interested in reaching unreached people with the gospel.
Denis is still single but he is planning to marry if God
gives him the right person.

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Pentecostal Assemblies of God Zambia. His passion is to
get a Diploma in church planting and world missions.
Currently he’s a student and about to finish at Worldwide
Evangelical Seminary in Canada where he is studying for
a Bachelor’s Degree in bible and theology.  

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Entrusting God’s Word to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.
Our Founders and Leaders
Photo of the director of
Africans Teaching
Africans, Jeff Borden (on
the far left) with his family.
Jeff has many years of
service as a missionary
in Zimbabwe and South
Africa. He also has many
years of experience
working with
organizations similar to
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