ATA youth is the part of our ministry which reaches out to needy children.  ATA helps
provide for the physical needs for about ninety children.  Each of these children receive
spiritual training so that they know who Jesus is.

Each Sunday morning we travel to an orphanage where we teach the children truths
about Jesus. At 2:00 each Sunday afternoon between 50-60 youth meet under the
canopy in our yard for two hours of Bible study. We study different books of the Bible
and an emphasis is placed on how we apply what is found in the Bible to our daily lives.
These students attend church in the mornings before coming to Bible study.

It is exciting to see their enthusiasm for learning. We seek to educate the next
generation of Christian leaders that Uganda needs so badly, and we are seeing
positive results as our youth mature. Currently three of our youth are attending Bible
College. One of our students shows he is a true servant as each Saturday he goes to
his church and cleans it and sets the chairs up for worship. Three of our youth recently
returned from a mission trip they made to the far west of Uganda where they
enthusiastically worked with a very poor people in a very remote area.
Entrusting God’s Word to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.
ATA Youth
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